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Hoo boy. Where to start? The physical challenges (2 overnights on a bus; multiple bus delays; standing, standing, standing, which is murder on my back) were considerable. The rewards were also considerable. The lessons learned keep streaming in. I'll take a stab at it, but I've still got a lot of mulling-over to do.

1. So many great speeches. Sophie Cruz, Ashley Judd, Janet Mock, Michael Moore, Tammy Duckworth. Just scratching the surface.

2. I'm seeing troubling accounts of white women, especially white women new to the activism scene, rolling right over women who aren't like them (transwomen, women of color, women who aren't Christians, disabled women, immigrant women, women veterans, incarcerated women... the list goes on). Seriously, folks, stop. When someone tells you their story, LISTEN. This is either about ALL of us, or not worth doing. There are plenty of people out there who want to throw some or all women under the bus. Don't be one of them. (And incidentally, the whole "pussy" thing? Not all women have them. Women who don't are still women.)

3. For the love of... whoever you love, there are people out there who have been fighting this fight since before you were born. Listen and learn.

4. There are also organizations that have been in this fight forever, and they know what they're doing. Before you run out and start your own thing, educate yourself. Find out if someone's already Doing the Thing, and if so, support them. Don't duplicate (waste) effort!

5. Following Michael Moore's exhortation, I am calling one of my senators or representatives every weekday. I am going to keep doing that. There is no reason in Hell to make life easy for people who are making it hard for us.

6. On the ride home, I posted to Facebook that the Democrats need to either get on the train, or get off the tracks. In the spirit of putting my money where my mouth is, I have joined my local Democratic committee. "Put up, or shut up;" and I don't plan to shut up.

7. I am back in my nice safe house, protected by my white skin, my white-bread accent, my affluence, my citizenship, my family and my social status from pretty much any negative consequences of my participation. Not all of my sisters can say the same. (#IMarchWithLinda) I will try to remember that, every day.


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