Jun. 22nd, 2008 06:19 pm
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Every once in a while I have an experience that reminds me that I'm really not like other people.

This afternoon I went to see a local community theater production of "The Fantasticks". I mainly went because friends of mine were involved; I generally don't care for musicals, and the one song I knew of that's in this one, I dislike ("Try to Remember").

So, yeah. Not so much with the enjoying. The production was actually a good one (good singers, good acting, insofar as the script gave anyone a chance to act; good direction; fabulous set design) but the experience was profoundly unpleasant.

It was as if someone had handed me a big bowl of ice cream & sauerkraut. What DO people see in this show? I couldn't have felt any more out of touch with the zeitgeist if I'd wandered into a conference on dowsing.

Well, this isn't the first time I've totally failed to get the appeal of something (The Princess Bride, sitcoms, most standup comedy, Brendan Fraser, Jude Law, and that little triangle of papaya infused gel I found on my plate last time I ate at East/West Bistro). Please understand, this is not one of those "I disdain the tastes of the masses!" things (I have those too: Bratz, QVC). No, in this case people I like and respect, people who know a lot more about theater than I do, REALLY LOVE this show, and given its history they obviously have a lot of company. But...well, WTF?

(I like music! I like everything from Luca Marenzio to OK Go! I like romance--Jane Austen, The Scarlet Pimpernel--and I am cynical enough to laugh at Douglas Adams, though I prefer Terry Pratchett. But--arrrgh! I even hated the part about gardening, and I love gardening!)


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